“Our primary task is to meet your expectations by delivering the expected product in due time”

Why Setiket

Our primary task is to meet your expectations by delivering the expected product in due time.

Our dedicated and competent employees are specialized in the whole process from concept development to production. You will arecive many benefits by involving Setiket as early as possible in the development/project phase.

We always offer flexible solutions to meet your needs.

An important aspect for us is long lasting relationships with our customers, securing the best solutions for any situation.

It is essential for us to always be at the forefront. We are consistently up to date regarding new innovations and technologies, which means that our employees are challenged and stimulated, thus offering you the best product on the market - products which promote human-machine interface.

Performance and quality are the key requirements for all our work procedures.

To accomplish this we have defined the following keywords reflecting your requirements for working with us:


- compliance with agreed specifications

- design

- product lifetime

- functional reliability

Delivery performance:

- compliance with the specified quantity at the agreed time of delivery

- delivery reliability


- service, support and guidance before, during and after delivery

- quotation containing specifications of products and services

- timely, professional and rapid feedback on any customer request

- timely and rapid feedback on deviations of any kind before, during and after delivery


- delivery at the agreed price

- price continuity over time

One of our objectives for quality is to maintain a delivery reliability (actual delivery vs confirmed delivery) on a minimum of 95 %.

For the last 6 years, our average delivery reliability was:

2018/19: 98,20 %

2017/18: 95,38 %

2016/17: 97,00 %

2015/16: 95,00 %

2015: 95,10 %

2014: 97,90 %

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