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Setiket A / S takes chemical-management and controls very seriously and follows continuously follows developments in legislation to ensure that the products comply with the latest legislation. That is why we always work to the best of our ability to ensure that we fully comply with current legislation regarding chemicals / substances and raw materials / articles used in our products - with a focus on RoHS, REACH and Conflict Minerals. 

The primary intent is to control restricted substances in chemicals and articles. Customers will be notified if Setiket is aware of any products that contain hazardous substances or release hazardous substances during use, recycling or disposal.

Based on information from our suppliers, you will find our official product statements. All information is given on the basis of current information about our raw materials - obtained and received from our suppliers. It is the individual supplier's responsibility to ensure that the supplier follows the latest applicable legislation regarding product content and to keep Setiket updated. Setiket follows the suppliers on an ongoing basis by random sampling - and when there is an updated declaration on our website, we have had a review of all our active raw materials.

If Setiket becomes aware of raw materials that no longer comply with the given legislation, relevant customers will be notified as soon as possible - either by direct contact or information on order confirmation, delivery note and invoice.

We have previously been in contact with many of our customers regarding individual declarations, often on specific item numbers. This is for Setiket time consuming and costly work, due to the fact that we have chosen to have focus on the raw materials Setiket receives. We therefore charge a service fee of pt. DKK 750.00 / EUR 100.00 pr. Individual item number / declaration. If you can not settle for our general declaration, please do send a purchase order to Sales@Setiket.com along with an overview of the open item numbers. A processing time of 1-4 months is to be expected - depending on the supply chain.

In the menu on the right, you can download our official and general statements about our products. All information is published on the basis of current information received from our suppliers.

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