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Overlays / Nameplates

A product can rarely be sold on the function alone. Today, in addition to a functional product, the customer also requires a pretty - and preferably unique - design.

Our overlays may be the solution. All our overlays are designed and manufactured according to our customers' wishes and specifications.

In cooperation with our customers we develop special solutions - such as overlays with built-in ESD / EMC shielding, overlays that meet the requirements of the EX standard EN50014 or multi-level overlays with built-in magnets.

We use the latest technology in the production of overlays, which allows us to deliver high-quality products quickly and safely.

Prototypes and smaller production batches can be produced using our laser cutters without the use of punching tools.

A considerable part of our overlay  constructions are UL-recognized according to UL-norm 969 (PGDQ2)


We produce in a large number of different surface structures - ranging from high gloss scratch resistant films to films with a very coarse structure. The surface can be varied in many versions with UV-curable texture varnishes - gloss or matte.

The silk screen printing is printed on the back of the film and thereby protected from wear. Thus, the printing is not affected by mechanical wear or wiping with cleaning agents and solvents.


The overlays can, like our membrane keyboards, be made with embossed contours, lowered keys, or embossed keys for mounting on top of mechanical switches.

Material selection

The overlays are manufactured in plastic materials such as polycarbonate, polymerblend or polyester and are supplied with adhesive mounted on the back.

Each film type has its own characteristics.

Polycarbonate is resistant to light chemicals and can be used with advantage where overlays with a pretty surface is desired, for example in office environments or white goods.

Polymerblend is a polymeric product made of polycarbonate and polyester. The material is more resistant to chemicals than polycarbonate and is often used where the overlays must be able to withstand stronger chemicals - such as cleaning or disinfection.

Polyester film is the strongest overlay material on the availabel. The film can withstand most chemicals and has very good durability against physical impacts. Therefore we always recommend polyester for use over mechanical switches or requirements of high chemical resistance.

Overlays for mounting over mechanical switches with very long switching (> 1 mm) are recommended to be produced in a special polyurethane film (PU). This film has the special feature that the material is very durable and therefore can be "stretched" very far without being damaged. PU films cannot be delivered with any kind of embossing.

Nameplates and overlays from 1-5 mm are produced in acrylic, polycarbonate or PETG materials. This type of overlays cannot be punched with tools - but can be machined via our CAM center with milling or laser cutting.

The adhesives are always acrylic based. This ensures that the glue does not "sweat" or dries out - even under extreme conditions. The adhesive can be varied and is always adjusted to the material and surface on which the overlays are mounted..

We always recommend material selection in consultation with us.

Back panel

We can provide complete solutions where the overlay is mounted on a back plate of plastic or metal.

Acrylic plastic sheets, polyester or polycarbonate up to 5 mm are produced in-house. Metal plates are produced according to your drawings and instructions by some of Denmark’s leading metal sheet metal manufacturers.

Of course, you can also choose to deliver your own back panels - and leave the mounting of the overlays to us.

UL recognition

A wide selection of our overlays are approved by UL in the United States. We can supply the following UL-recognized products :

Setiket Front System B53 / B54: 0.125 - 0.500 mm polycarbonate approved according to UL Norm 969 (PGDQ2), UL File MH15457

Setiket Front System B55 / B56: 0.08 - 0.280 mm polyester approved according to UL Norm 969 (PGDQ2), UL-file MH15457.

We continuously develop and improve our overlays. If you have any special wishes or requirements, simply get in touch with us and together we will find the optimal solution according to your requirements.

The possibilities are many, and it can be difficult to assemble the right materials. We have more than 30 years of experience in design, construction and production of overlays.

Take our advice from the beginning – this always ensures the best results.

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