“We understand that the world is changing and that a high degree of flexibility is always required


”Setiket Label System” is the joint designation of our program of marking and computer imprintable labels.

Our program is based on two fundamental elements :

• The customer must be able to supply the label with various information easily and effectively, independent of hard- and software

• The label must to the extent possible comply with national and international standards as well as requirements

We supply labels with or without printing, in sheets, rolls or endless lengths according to your specifications. The program contains labels which can be marked manually with a pen and typewriter or printed automatically by a computer with a matrix, laser or thermal transfer printer. 

We can also supply completely preprinted labels with consecutive numbers, bar codes, etc.

Material selection

The program is primarily based on polyester films with acrylic-based adhesives.

The label sheets are designed so that the surface, adhesive, cover paper and application of the labels are carefully aligned.

The films are topcoated, which in combination with the serigraphic printing process gives print and description a longer durability than previously known.

The ink colors are dyed according to RAL, NCS, Pantone or color samples. We are happy to send color samples for approval before initiating production.


Typically the labels are used for service instructions, warnings, marking and printing with serial numbers, production dates and barcodes, etc.

The labels are used on devices and instruments in industrial environments where a flexible labeling solution with long durability is desired.

In case of special security requirements, we may provide special safety labels that break when attempting to remove them or leaving the message VOID across the label when removed. Thus, these labels cannot be removed and repositioned and are therefore particularly suitable as seals or warranty labels.

UL recognized

Setiket is one of a few of manufacturers of UL recognized labels in Europe.

A significant part of our program is UL recognized according to UL standard 969.

Included in our approvals is the imprinting of the labels by the customer. This way, the customer does not have to seek approval for use as well as any printing, but can merely refer to our approvals.

We recommend special ribbons for printing with thermal transfer printers. These ribbons should always be used in conjunction with recognized products.

We can supply UL recognized ribbons of almost any kind.

These days, many non-UL recognized label manufacturers offer their customers so-called UL-recognized labels, where production is simply based on UL-recognized raw materials.

This type of label is NOT UL recognized, but requires that the customer subsequently receive approval of the labels by UL, which is often costly and may take a long time.

Our production as well as our finished labels are approved by UL in the United States and are therefore subject to inspections by UL. The documentation for this can be found in Uls online certifications directory, where “Yellow Cards” can also be found.

If you have any doubts whether your products are recognized or not, we always recommend that you check this in Yellow Book or in the form of other documentation from UL.

Should you require further documentation about our approvals, please contact our sales department.

We are independent of soft and hardware suppliers. This always ensures you the widest range of materials and the best labeling solution - carefully tailored according to your requirements and wishes.

We continuously develop and improve our labels. If you have any special wishes or requirements, simply get in touch with us and together we will find the optimal solution according to your requirements.

The possibilities are many, and it can be difficult to choose the right materials for the purpose. We have more than 30 years of experience in design, construction and production of labels.

Take our advice from the beginning – this always ensures the best results.

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