“We prioritize in long lasting relations and we are always on our toes to build an maintain them”

Career and job opportunities


We are always looking for qualified employees and you are welcome to send us an unsolicited application and CV.

We currently have no vacancies.

Setiket - a healthier workplace

Our employees are our most important resource in order to provide the best service for our customers.

We always focus on well-being and a work life balance to ensure the best conditions for a healthy and productive workplace.

As part of our health care package we offer:

  • free fruit, water, coffee and tea
  • a health fund of 1500, - DKK per employee per year. To be used for chiropractor, physiotherapist, massage, etc.
  • individually tailored working hours
  • room for diversity and respect for individual wishes and needs

Profit sharing program

To ensure the continued well-being through enhanced cooperation and efficiency and to reduce total employee absence, all employees have been covered by our profit sharing program since 1999, where 10% of the annual profits are shared equally among all employees.

You as an employee will automatically benefit from this program after 6 months of employment.

Since the profit sharing program was introduced more than 2.9 million DKK have been awarded to our employees.

Profit sharing figures:

The total amount awarded as profit sharing in 

2019: 288.000 DKK

2018: 241.000 DKK

2017: 291.000 DKK

2016: 208.000 DKK

2015: 174.000 DKK

2014: 187.000 DKK

2013: 161.000 DKK

2012: 346.000 DKK

2011: 262.000 DKK

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